What Are All Terrain Tires

What Are All Terrain Tires

All terrain tires

Tire manufacturing companies have worked overtime for the past few decades and invested millions of dollars in research and development of better and cheap tires with more efficient designs and performance. The result has been the invention of several special purpose tires, ranging from winter season tires to wet season ones, expensive special purpose tires to cheap regular use ones, highway use tires to mud terrain tires. However, none enjoy the utility value that is associates with all terrain tires.

All terrain tires are called so because they work perfectly well on all kinds of road surfaces. This is precisely the reason behind the endorsement of this type of tires by manufacturers of sports vehicles and trucks. All terrain tires are characterized by their durability and toughness. These qualities serve you well when you take your vehicle to demanding terrains like muddy roads and rocky paths. All terrain tires generally have strong sidewalls and are made to operate in both on road and off road conditions. Manufacturers try to keep the tread of all terrain tires extra large, so that they expel as much mud and other stuff from the track as possible, thus enabling the vehicle to advance forward safely on any kind of terrain.

A common misconception that needs some scraping off is that all terrain tires and all season tires are equivalent. Though they do share some common features, it would be too loose and vague an assumption to tag them as similar. Whereas all terrain tires are made so that the vehicle is able to run on any terrain type, the all season tires are used by drivers living and driving in areas that face all sorts of weather conditions throughout the year, right from sweltering summers to thunderstorms and hailstorms. All terrain tires rely in special designs to achieve the desired performance, whereas all season tires depend more on the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing.

All terrain tires are the preferred choice for all automobile owners who love to challenge the conventional driving tracks and don’t mind meandering off in their cars and SUVs to the unbeaten paths. One can safely rely on a set of good all terrain tires to get past iffy roads full of wet mud, snow deposits and crushed rocks. A slight word of caution here; automobiles with all terrain tires need a little time getting used to, as the dynamics of such vehicles are a bit different from those running on normal tires. Thankfully, you would be al settled and comfortable with these tires once you drive for a few days on all terrain tires.

All terrain tires are perfect for your vehicle of your journeys take you to testing terrains covered in gallons of sticky mud and pointed stones. Eventually, drivers and car owners must be able to ascertain their precise requirements before opting for a specific type of tires, as buying cheap tires is not always possible, and one would much rather spend intelligently in the first place than ruing the purchase later on.

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