Parnelli Jones tires

Parnelli Jones tires

Parnelli Jones tires have been a hit with truck owners for some time now, and there are hardly any reasons to be surprised. Truck tires need rugged construction and top quality material in the making up. Parnelli Jones Tires uses both these quality standards and that is evident in the awesome on road and off road performance yielded by these tires. The utility provided by tires from the house of Parnelli Jones is such a huge plus that all automobile owners looking for a set of cheap tires would definitely like to consider an offer from this company to match high quality with manageable prices.


The company has been a tough nut to crack for all its competitors in the market segment of all terrain tires. Parnelli Jones’ Dirt Grip tires are regarded highly among many hardcore¬†roadies who don’t mind taking their trucks to some of the most challenging and difficult terrains. These tires use a new age tread and sidewall make up with cooler running property. This ensures that the off road tires from Parnelli Jones stay safe when used at low air pressures on the tricky terrains such as snow clad roads and mud pits.

The lug design of Parnelli Jones tires is something special, and a huge contributor to the successful on road and off road exhibition of strength, balance and durability by the company’s tires.¬† The whole field of spikes on the tread provides for added traction, whatever be the characteristics of the surface on which the vehicle equipped with Parnelli Jones tires is running. These tires give a solid feel to the vehicle while rolling over stony lands, and turn mellower when handling soft and sandy terrain. It is almost astonishing to note the ease with which Parnelli Jones’ all terrain tires adjust from one surface to another.

Really, it makes a lot more logic for somebody to buy a set of tires from Parnelli Jones if the need is for superlative quality all terrain tires. And with the advent of online marketplaces selling cheap tires without taking anything in terms of quality out of the equation, the consumers have all reasons to smile.

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