Buying Used Tires

Buying Used Tires


Used Tires

Buying used tires is a pretty dicey area. There’s the attractive money saving scheme on one side, and the probability of being stuck with a useless bunch of tires on the other. The result is that customers always find it very hard to complete a purchase of used tires quickly and without any hassles. And then, there is the fact that most automobile owners have to face this question at some point of their driving years. This article tries to summarize on a few of the pros and cons of buying used tires.


The foremost advantage of used tires is the considerable cost cutting one gets from them. Lucky customers can easily end up with a set of scarcely used tires bought at half the price of new tires. Apart from this, used tires always come up for consideration for buyers who do not ride in their automobiles much. Also, it sometimes so happens that car owners have to buy a particular make of tires, and are bound to buy a used set of the specified tires due to various possible reasons, one of which could be the elimination of the tire model from the market. Some tire makers have really expensive tires on offer. Used versions of the same are much more manageable economically.


Non uniform wear and tear is a major problem with old and used tires. Some grooves of the tires in the set might have developed accentuated and extended cuts and erosions. This weighs heavily on the expected lifetime of the tires, and ultimately gets ticked off as an inhibitor for people looking to buy used and cheap tires. Another problem with used tires is that several store owners shift to unethical and immoral means of enhancing profits, such as selling useless and overly damaged tires after exercising some concealments on the same. Buyers need to be thoroughly aware of the tire characteristics that matter, as nothing matches the success rate and reliability of a visual inspection.

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