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cheap tires Getting straight down to the point, it is obvious that almost all of the millions of automobile owners across the world have to deal with tire purchases at some point in time of their vehicle possession period. And as with any other purchase, the thought of saving the odd buck does hit the mind when one contemplates getting a new set of tires. ‘Cheap tires’ does not necessarily refer to a particularly inexpensive set of tires. On the contrary, it ultimately boils down to the value yielded by the tires for them to be classified as a cheap or an expensive purchase. 

Buying cheap tires does not mean that one has to go all out for a dirt cheap set of tires. At least a certain degree of  knowledge about tires and purchasing them is necessary before you set out on your quest to bring home some cheap tires. There are too many sources of cheap tires to count, right from your neighbourhood used tire shop to the swanky automobile spare parts showrooms selling tires at discounted rates. Read full article


Cooper Tires

cooper-tireYou can safely comment that a company would surely be among the big guns of its industry if it has a presence of more than a century behind itself, and Cooper Tires is certainly not an exception to this unofficial rating rule! Over the years, Cooper Tires has made a reputation for itself by churning out batches after batches of high quality tires for all kinds of automobiles ranging from cars to light trucks and SUVs. Truly, Cooper Vision is one giant of a tire maker.

A simple online search for cheap tires from Cooper Tires would introduce you to hundreds of reviews from satisfied owners. The company has a massive catalogue of tires for all automobiles, spread over all budget categories. This means that Cooper Tires can serve you nicely if you happen to be looking for a set of basic and cheap tires, or top of the league special purpose tires.  Read full article

Firestone Tires

firestone-tiresFrequent driving can easily shorten the lifetime of the set of tires your car came equipped with, and you could be staring at a purchase earlier than you expected. Firestone Tires come across as providers of durable yet cheap tires in such a situation, and have tires suiting all categories of needs and budgets. This article gives a brief overview of the company, and the technologies it uses to produce high quality automobile tires.

 The advent of the 20th century witnessed extensive activity in the automobile tires market with the emergence of Firestone Tires in 1900, under the able leadership of Harvey Firestone. The company relied on the surge in demand of automobile tires in those times and was soon in the thick of things as far as the industry was concerned. Read full article

  Goodyear Tires

goodyear-tireThe tag of the world's leading tire manufacturing units does not come easily, and Goodyear Tires is a company that has earned the right to be tagged in such a glorious manner. With over 70,00 employees and as many as 57 world class manufacturing facilities sprawling over 23 countries, Goodyear is undoubtedly one of the mammoth global tire makers. Frank Seiberling sowed the seeds of Goodyear Tires in 1898, and named the company after the inventor of vulcanized rubber, a genius named Charles Goodyear. Since then, the company has grown into a full fledged tree with its roots deeply entrenched in the market. Today, Goodyear Tires is the third largest tire manufacturer across the globe, and hot in pursuit of the other two podium spots currently occupied by Bridgestone and Michelin. Read Full Article

 Hankook Tires

hankook-tiresHankook Tires USA is one of the most rapidly growing tire makers of the world, and is included in the top 10 lists of all tire brands surveys. The headquarters of the firm are in New Jersey, but it has a much wider presence, as is evident from the endorsement of Hankook tires by car manufacturers from across the globe. These include market giants of the likes of Chevrolet, Ford and Hyundai.

Hankook Tires is a firm that has its basic fabric woven around the core of technology and innovation. No wonders the company has been coming up with trendy and high utility tire designs frequently in the recent past. Hankook Tires focuses on a large segment of the market and produces tires for all sorts of vehicles, and suitable for all budgets, ranging from the inexpensive and even cheap tires to top grade application specific tires. Read Full Article


Maxxis Tires

maxxis-tiresMaxxis Tires is a prominent name in the tire industry, and it has been so for the past four decades now. The company has grown to many times since the time it first set its roots in Taiwan in 1967. Today, Maxxis is a popular and respected name in all corners of the world map, right from North America to Asia. The manner in which Maxxis has surged ahead of its competition is literally astonishing. With presence in as many as 170 countries, Maxxis is a truly global player in the contemporary tires industry. Maxxis produces may kinds of tires, and covers an equally wide range of vehicles. Maxxis' high quality yet cheap tires have been a hit with automobile owners. Whereas motor-bikers enjoy the comfortable rides on bikes equipped with Maxxis tires, ATVs and trailers depend on the strength and durability of these tires. Read Full Article 


 Michelin Tires

Mitchelin-TiresMichelin is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the tire industry, second only to Bridgestone. There is an intriguing story about how it all began when two brothers who were running a small rubber factory in Clermont-Ferrand, France came up with the idea of a removable tire, alleviating the need of gluing the rubber to the wheels. Michelin was formed in 1888, and soon after that, the company was in the news when its patented removable pneumatic tire helped Charles Terront win the first ever long distance bicycle race in 1891.

Since then, Michelin has been the market mover and has always been in news for its innovation driven marketing strategies and product designs. From what started as a small tire making unit, Michelin has grown into a truly global market player with tires for all sorts of automobiles. Read Full Article


 Parnelli Jones tires

Parnelli-Jones-TiresParnelli Jones tires have been a hit with truck owners for some time now, and there are hardly any reasons to be surprised. Truck tires need rugged construction and top quality material in the making up. Parnelli Jones Tires uses both these quality standards and that is evident in the awesome on road and off road performance yielded by these tires. The utility provided by tires from the house of Parnelli Jones is such a huge plus that all automobile owners looking for a set of cheap tires would definitely like to consider an offer from this company to match high quality with manageable prices.

The company has been a tough nut to crack for all its competitors in the market segment of all terrain tires. Parnelli Jones' Dirt Grip tires are regarded highly among many hardcore roadies who don't mind taking their trucks to some of the most challenging and difficult terrains. Read Full Article


Toyo Tires

Toyo TiresToyo Tires is a force to reckon with in the global automobile markets, as the company has been manufacturing tires for light and heavy vehicles for the past four decades and even more than that. Tens of thousands of automobile owners look towards the sale points of Toyo Tires for replacement tires. From tires to rely on every day of the year to tires that let you zoom past others on a race track, Toyo Tires offer something for everyone.

Toyo Tires has been known to innovate right from the beginning, and as a result of their dynamism, the company has been in the good books of tire industry experts from a long time now. Whether you get a cheap tires deal from Toyo or buy a set of high end tires, you can be sure that you would get ample returns on your investment. Read Full Article 


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